CidadeTejo - Estuary of Opportunities: dynamics, challenges and threats on Lisbon's metropolitan waterfronts

Acronym: CidadeTejo

The challenges posed by climate change and, in particular, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the present decade (2020-2030), designated by the United Nations as the “Decade of Action”, make evident the need and urgency of new paradigms of transformation at the level of the planning process and governance systems. In this sense, this project has as its first objective to develop a critical diagnosis concerning the Tagus estuary waterfront, in order to identify: (i) the urban dynamics that led to the current land uses; (ii) the main characteristics and features that these territories present, particularly with regard to opportunities and threats to sustainable development and response to hydrological risks; (iii) the visions and strategies that integrate the different instruments with spatial incidence on these territories, analyzing their effectiveness as instruments of urban transformation, their internal coherence and also their spatial and temporal articulation with other IGT, programs and projects.


Ana Morais de Sá (Coordinator)
Fernando Nunes da Silva (Co-coordinator)