PhD program in Territorial Planning Engineering

Urban and regional planning undertaken, in recent years, a degree of complexity and demand unparalleled in its history as a result of the challenges for development, social and territorial cohesion and environmental recovery.

Framed by the principles of the Declaration of Bologna this doctoral program seeks to offer an effective response to demands placed on preparation of highly qualified researchers and technicians in the field of planning. It focuses on the goal of forming specialized researchers of high qualification and having a great ability to work autonomously, whether designed for the university environment, or business, focusing on the ways of planning and management of the territory.

The PhD program in Territorial Engineering inherits knowledge from past experiences: Masters in Operational Research and Systems Engineering, Engineering Structures and Urban and Regional Planning, followed by the Masters in Transportation and Urban Planning and Management, among others. The implementation of the Bologna Declaration has allowed this Department to adjust its current offer of 3 rd cycle, particularly through the Doctoral Program in Territorial Engineering.