PhD program in Architecture

The Doctoral Degree in Architecture is structured in the framework of a wide-ranging understanding about the processes of production and use of the built space at both the urban and the building scale. It is focused on:

  1. the interpretation and operationalisation of built space interventions in areas relating to their cultural and technological insertion;
  2. the process and organisation of architectural and urban design concerning the management and evaluation of its internal and external features as well as the interaction between stakeholders;
  3. the principles and tools for spatial description and evaluation of built space performance.

The Doctoral Degree in Architecture opened in 2006 following the consolidation of R&D activities in the field of architecture, started in the end of 1980’s. Due to its privileged location in a school of engineering, it established a specific interdisciplinary dialogue between architecture and technology , until then an aspect virtually unexplored within the world of R&D in Portugal.

The Doctoral Degree is supported by four R&D Centres: CiTUA and CERIS (IST) LNEC (Architecture and Urbanism Unit) e CERPOLIS (University of Barcelona).

Optionally, and involving a separate application, candidates can also choose to pursue their PhD degree, as part of the Joint Doctoral IST-EPFL Initiative in Architecture.

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