Janelas de guilhotina: proposta de investigação
Editor: Paulo Vilela Raimundo
Year: 2013
Publication: Inventário do Património Imóvel dos Açores: Calheta - São Jorge
Publisher: Direcção Regional da Cultura/Governo Regional dos Açores, Instituto Açoriano de Cultura
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Improving physical accessibility to cultural landscapes – learning from the project ‘Parques de Sintra Welcome Better’
Editor: Alberto Arenghi, Ilaria Garofolo, Oddbjorn Sormoen
Year: 2016
Publication: Accessibility as a key enabling knowledge for enhancement of cultural heritage
Publisher: Franco Angeli Edizioni
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Espaços e Lugares de Aprendizagem
Editor: D. Ladaiane, N. Lacerda Lopes, R. B. Afonso
Year: 2018
Publication: Que espaço para a escola?
Publisher: CIAMH
ISBN/ISSN: 978-989-98808-3-2
The Design of Educational Buildings in Portugal. A Feminine Contribution in the 1960's
Editor: Helena Seražin, Caterina Franchini and Emilia Garda
Year: 2018
Publication: Women's Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918-2018): Toward a New Perception and Reception
Publisher: Založba ZRC (ZRC Publishing House)
ISBN/ISSN: 978-961-05-0106-0


Wood Building in Portugal
Editor: Ali Sayigh
Publication: The Importance of Wood and Timber in Sustainable Buildings
Publisher: Springer International Publishing
ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-030-71699-8 (printed version) 978-3-030-71700-1 (eBook),
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Land readjustment in Portugal: theoretically attractive but eternally postponed in practice
Editor: J.-D. Gerber, T. Hartmann, A. Hengstermann
Year: 2018
Publication: Instruments of Land Policy – Dealing with Scarcity of Land
Publisher: Routledge
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Different understandings of "public interest" as a source of conflict: Portuguese spatial planning and practice
Editor: Ayda Eraydin, Klaus Frey
Year: 2018
Publication: Politics and Conflict in Governance and Planning. Theory and Practice
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Os instrumentos de gestão territorial e as Normas Técnicas de Urbanização e Edificação
Year: 2018
Publication: Direito do Urbanismo 2014-2017 - Juridição Administrativa e Fiscal
Publisher: Centro de Estudos Judiciários
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Improving pool design: Interviewing physically impaired architects
Editor: Pat Langdon, Jonathan Lazar, Ann Heylighen, Hua Dong
Year: 2018
Publication: Breaking Down Barriers: Usability, Accessibility and Inclusive Design
Publisher: Springer
ISBN/ISSN: 978-3-319-75027-9